With years of cleaning industry experience, Jeff Christensen and Bryan Holland understood the unique properties of alkaline water and saw the difference no-soap, no-residue cleaning made in the lives of their families and loyal clients. But, with the news of hospital-acquired illness at epidemic proportions and the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs, Jeff and Bryan set out to redefine the way we disinfect.

In 2015, they founded pHur, LLC after establishing a strategic partnership with Aquaox, LLC, whose engineers had just perfected a generator capable of modifying water, and stabilizing it at a neutral pH to kill bacteria on contact- physically.

Water + Salt + Science became pHur’s formula.

And thanks to painstaking, multi-year testing, it was registered as a proven disinfectant with the EPA on both Federal and State levels.

It is already making a difference in the Healthcare industry, replacing multiple toxic products used in hospitals with our alkaline cleaning water and natural disinfecting water.

Now, pHur is coming home and to your workplace. pHurTM Cleaning and Disinfecting Water can be shipped fresh to your doorstep every 30 days, and in select California counties, a certified pHur technician can electrostatically disinfect your entire space for you. Both options give you the power to live naturally, live clean, live pHur.

Our Team

pHur’s team of industry experts, scientists and engineers are also moms, dads, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Our team’s professional skill sets are bound together with a whole lot of love and overall desire for a cleaner, safer world

Jeff Christensen

pHur, LLC
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Eve Christensen

pHur, LLC
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Bryan Holland

pHur, LLC
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Anne Packer

pHur, LLC
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OUR pHilosophy

Do you go to great lengths to live naturally and live clean? If so, your pHilosophy sounds a lot like pHur’s! So why use toxic cleaning and disinfecting products that leave harmful residues, spread germs, and can cause serious side effects?

Now, live pHur. We’d like to help reduce toxins and harsh chemicals in your homes and offices. Join us as we attempt to redefine current cleaning and disinfecting standards with water, salt + science.


With every pHur™ System Kit sold, a donation is made to Mothers Without Borders, a nonprofit working to protect and provide for vulnerable children in Africa. Your purchase helps ensure their facilities are clean and safe. motherswithoutborders.org
*Please note that Mothers Without Borders does not formally endorse any pHur products or services.