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If you’d like to purchase pHur™, either on a pHur Plan or as a one-time purchase, you’ll need an account.

Personal accounts will give customers the ability to manage their accounts and view past orders and shipments.

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Where to buy

pHur™ products are currently sold exclusively through to those living in AZ, CA, CO, NV, OR, TX, WA.

pHur™ products are sold directly to consumers and we do not work with any distributors or resellers. Any products labeled as pHur but sold outside of are unauthorized imitations and we strongly advise against their usage.

pHur™ is a registered trademark of AquaOx, LLC and is not to be used in the promotion or sale of any good by any company, individual, or entity outside of AquaOx, LLC and its affiliates.

How to order

At this time pHur™ products are only available for purchase in AZ, CA, CO, NV, OR, TX, WA, but they’ll soon be available across the nation. If you’d like an alert once they become available in your area, email us your information at:

Personal pHur Plan

Many choose to have pHur™ delivered automatically, every month. This provides convenience at a discounted price.

Individual pHur orders

You can also place one-time orders. For some, this provides the flexibility and control they need.

Shipping & Trackings

Shipping costs are a flat rate of $5.95

Overnight shipping can be requested in the comments section at checkout. Track an order through USPS.

General FAQ

General FAQ

  1. Satisfaction guaranteed- returns accepted within 30 days of purchase (full refund minus postage and a $5.95 restocking fee). Email your name and reason for the return to to start the simple return process. pHur Plan cancellations can be completed within your pHur Water account profile. Cancellation requests must be received 5 business days before the next scheduled refill.
  2. Payment types accepted- all major credit cards
  3. When will my card be charged- credit cards are charged when product ships
  4. Is pHur really safe? Yes, 100%
  5. Is pHur’s packaging recyclable? Yes, please recycle your bottles.
  6. Why is pHur not available in stores? pHur is made fresh, without preservatives, so it must be used within 30 days.
  7. Who performs a pHur™ Service? Trained pHur™ Technicians.
  8. How can water clean and disinfect my home without added chemicals? At two precise pH levels, water takes on powerful, yet completely safe, cleaning and disinfecting properties. pHur’s revolutionary technology stabilizes water at these levels resulting in pHur™ Cleaning Water and pHur™ Disinfecting Water.
  9. If pHur isn’t harmful, why does the label say CAUTION and carry the 10-minute dwell time? pHur™ Disinfecting Water has been registered with the EPA under traditional disinfecting standards. Although contradictory to pHur’s all natural makeup of water and salt and its kill-on-contact power, our label must place traditional warnings and directions on its bottle based on the EPA’s standards for toxic, chemically-laden products. pHur™ Disinfecting Water is THE FIRST disinfecting solution to kill bacteria physically rather than chemically. We’re in desparate need of a new category within the EPA, but until then, we’ll bear the burden of the old labels.