Stop relying on scent to indicate clean. Quit inhaling toxic chemicals while attempting to disinfect.

pHur™ is made with just two ingredients- water and salt. No toxic chemicals, fake scents, colored dyes or bogus botanicals. pHur™ kills odor-causing bacteria rather than covering it up.



Empty your cleaning cabinets. Toss out those icky wipes. Your chemically-laden products aren’t helping you; they could be hurting you.

pHur™ replaces multiple toxic products, with two all-natural ones that are proven effective against 99.99% of known bacteria and viruses.



Knock toxic, sticky residue off your worry list, and wiping and rinsing off your to-do list.

Simply clean, spray and walk away-with confidence knowing pHur™ has been thoroughly tested in labs, hospitals, homes and airplanes, and is of course, EPA registered.

Apply pHur™ Cleaning Water to the Greenspeed™ microfiber cloth or mop pad, then agitate to clean just about anything.

Lightly spray cleaned surfaces with pHur™ Disinfecting Water, then just let it do its job. No rinsing, wiping or waiting required.

Achieve total home happiness with disinfecting redefined. Live naturally. Live clean. Live pHur.