Greenspeed Original Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Greenspeed Original Microfiber Cloth


The Greenspeed® Original microfiber cloth is the ideal tool for daily cleaning of almost every surface. The Greenspeed® microfiber technology guarantees a quality, durable cloth with unique cleaning and absorbing capacities.

Slightly damp with pHur™ Cleaning Water, it quickly removes dust and dirt and leaves no wipe marks. TNO, the Netherlands Applied Scientific Research Organization confirmed that the Greenspeed® Original microfiber cloth dampened with only water removes dirt faster and more effectively than a traditional cloth moistened with a detergent.

  • Premium, hospital grade quality imported from Holland
  • Cleans almost any surface
  • Unique cleaning power and absorbency (absorbs 6X its own weight)
  • Can be washed at least 600 times (minimum) and tumble dryed
  • Strong edge finish to prevent shrinkage

Dimensions: 15.7″ x 15.7″
Composition: 100% microfiber
Weight: ±0.11 oz.

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Additional information

Weight0.28 lbs
Dimensions15.7 × 15.7 × 0.15 in