Signing up for a pHur Plan is the easiest and most affordable way to live pHur. You’ll receive a System Kit and have the chance to automate monthly refills:

SAVE $$$

Enjoy a significant discount versus ordering items individually.


Never find yourself out of stock. pHur™ comes in fresh batches that should be used in 30 days. A pHur Plan allows you to customize what size refills arrive on your doorstep.


Pay only when the order has shipped and know you can cancel your subscription, free of charge, at any time.

pHur Plan Pricing = System Kit + Monthly Refills

Included In The System Kit

$30.95 one-time purchase includes:
16 fl.oz. Cleaning Water, 16 fl.oz. Disinfectant, 2 fl.oz. ON-THE-GO Disinfectant, 1 Greenspeed Original Microfiber Cloth, 2 Sprayer Heads

Included In The Monthly Refills

$19.95/month after the 1st month includes:
16 fl.oz. Cleaning Water, 16 fl.oz. Disinfectant,


$39.95/month after 1st month includes:
32 fl.oz. Cleaning Water, 32 fl.oz. Disinfectant,

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If you live in one of the counties listed below, pHur will send a trained technician using pHur™ Cleaning and Disinfecting Waters and Greenspeed microfiber products to:

Electrostatically eliminate germs, bacteria, and hard surface contaminants

Remove accumulated bio-load from high-contact touch points like doorknobs, toilet seats, cabinet pulls, keyboards, monitors, light switches, etc.

Kill airborne germs and microorganisms

Show video evidence of pHur lab trials and hospital breakthroughs

Share the benefits of a pHur Plan for cleaning and disinfecting in between pHur Services

Current California counties serviced:

AlamedaRiversideSan Francisco
Contra CostaSan BenitoSan Mateo
Los AngelesSan BernadinoSanta Barbara
MontereySan DiegoSanta Clara
Orange Ventura
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NOTE: pHur™ is not a cleaning service. A pHur Service is most effective in a clean, vacuumed space.