Please Note: Due to higher than expected demand, we are experiencing a delay in the shipping of orders. Purchases are being processed in the order received, and current processing time for 1 gallon containers is typically about 1 week or faster.

To best respond to the COVID-19 emergency and given severe packaging shortages, effective immediately pHur™Disinfecting Water will only be sold in Gallons.  And, to broaden US availability it will now be sold under its primary EPA-Registered brand, Aquaox®.  

Rest assured it is the identical, non-toxic broad-spectrum disinfecting solution that has been proven in hospitals, dental offices, schools, gyms, etc.  The only difference is that it will now be marketed under the registered brand of the Dutch company that for decades has built the generator used to produce its breakthrough 6.8pH disinfecting properties. 

Natural, no residue pHur™Cleaning Water remains available but again only in Gallons.  

pHur™Cleaning Water WIPES will be available while our substrate/cannister supplies last. 

We greatly appreciate your business and apologize for the inconvenience caused by this terrible outbreak.  



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Currently Out Of Stock
Currently Out Of Stock