What if you could clean and disinfect the toy box or nursery in your home with a product so safe you can actually drink it?

What if you could disinfect your bathroom with a spray that kills Influenza Type A, HIV-1, E-Coli, and a host of other “bugs” in under 30 seconds instead of the 10 minute dwell time other disinfectants require?

What if you could get rid of all the disinfecting products that you use in your kitchen?  If you found out that hospitals are replacing the 18 to 20 cleaning and disinfecting products they use with just two products, and that these products are absolutely 100% safe for you, your family, and the environment, would you want to know more?

Product Line

Introducing pHur, the hospital grade system that will change the way you think about cleaning and disinfecting your home or business!

pHur is the most advanced, safest, and most amazing product you have ever seen, with NO chemical residue, NO health concerns, and NO damaging environmental impact.

Home Applications

There is no end to where you should use pHur in your home, including bathrooms, kitchens, appliances, cribs, the nursery, floors, desks, showers, the toy box, door handles, light switches, and anywhere else that harbors nasty bacteria and other bugs that make you sick and contaminate your living space.

Business Applications

Commercial locations will want to have pHur services come in and disinfect their locations to keep clients and workers healthy and work spaces free of harmful bugs. Here are just a few locations that really need to have the pHur treatment: Gyms, doctor and dentist offices, schools, convalescent centers, senior centers, stores, motels, day care centers, churches, and a host of other locations.


To make sure your living space attains a hospital level of cleanliness and disinfection, we recommend using Greenspeed microfiber cleaning products. We tested countless brands and discovered that Greenspeed is hands down the best product on the market.  The products are imported from the Netherlands, and Greenspeed is the professional brand that is used in hospitals to remove soiling and bio-loads in order to make disinfection more effective. We include a Greenspeed towel in the pHure Disinfecting Water kit to make sure that you get the very best outcome that is possible.